Website Changes

It's summer of 2017, and the website is undergoing some changes, mostly streamlining the look and feel and simplifying navigation. I will soon be adding an "archive" section that details some of the older works that I've been unearthing in the studio. I'll also be cataloging as much as possible of the drawings and prints in their own new single category. I appreciate your patience as things are shifted around. Soon the site will be a richer, fuller archive of the past and present work, with some more links to other work that I'm doing in my other associated careers (UX, freelance writing, scent creation.)

"Puberty" Edvard Munch, Oil on canvas, 1894 version.

I've also seen some monumental exhibits in the recent past and will be writing more about their impact on the work that I'm doing lately; the larger impact on my evolution as a whole. In particular, the current Edvard Munch exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was a wonder, a reminder of how important his work has played in my development and imagination in my younger years. I could write endlessly about the impression that certain paintings of his have had on my imagination, and I will find time to do so. Meanwhile, we cull the archives and keep working. Look for many new and old images to appear. JTB